JUANNIO is an auction, of a charitable and private and non-profit nature, featuring Latin American art, benefitting; the Neurological Institute of Guatemala (ING). It is considered the most important event of its category in Central America. It began in 1964 with the objective of financially supporting the Neurological Institute. The Neurological Institute of Guatemala (ING) was established in 1961, as a unique and private non-profit institution dedicated to the care of children and young people with limited resources and special needs education. All the profits obtained from the art auction, finance approximately half of the Neurological Institute annual operating budget.

  Established more than 50 years ago, JUANNIO is a point of reference for contemporary visual arts in the region. Every year, world renowned curators are chosen to select works of art for the auction, positioning the work of emerging contemporary artists selected via contest, national and international guest artists and masters of Guatemala’s canon of fine art. JUANNIO also organizes a second auction each year called Artgala. With the same charitable objective JUANNIO and other fundraising activities, Artgala is a platform and secondary market for the consignment and sale of national artworks