The Organizing Committee serves on a  voluntary basis, to oversee the planning and carrying out all the tasks related to JUANNIO and its sister auction, Artgala, every year. They work ad honorem to sustain and perfect all the activities related to the events. It is required that the Committee members be considered honorable contributing members within the community, have professional trajectory, and that they identify with the altruistic objectives of the JUANNIO directive. The Committee has a President, Executive Director, and a Treasurer as permanent members. The committee is responsible for: the selection of the works of art and the jury for the contest, the management of finances, the decision making regarding the logistics of both events, and above all the fundraising for the Neurological Institute. The committee functions as social entity, with administrative capabilities to manages resources with the aim, of raising funds to ensure the operating income for the Institute.


Organizing Committee

Álvaro Castellanos Howell, Presidente
Bárbara Arroyo de Pieters
Willy Alejos
Isabel Ayau García
Mariflor Gálvez Solís
Santiago Pérez Rivera
María Wer Soto
María Alejandra Meléndez Recinos, Directora Ejecutiva