The Neurological Institute of Guatemala is a private non-profit institution. It was, founded in 1961 by a group of parents and doctors interested in providing children and young people with limited resources and intellectual disabilities, special education and supportive therapies to enhance their skills and abilities.

Its main objective is to achieve, the full development of each individual, through educational programs. In doing so; promoting the advancement of these individuals’ abilities, psycho-affective, as well as, intellectual and motor aspects. Its services are aimed at children and young people with intellectual disabilities, starting at the age 6 months.

It is financed through private donations, activities and programs since tuition and fees cover less than 10% of their budget.


Its services include:

- Special Education: Early Stimulation, Initial, Pre-school and Primary

-Speech therapy -Psychology -Social work

-Physical education -Swimming -Physiotherapy

-Neurology -Program for "School for Parents" -Pre-work training workshops



Among its main objectives are:

1) Guide and support parents and relatives to be co-educators of their own children.

2) Inform and raise awareness in the community about the abilities and skills that a child with special educational needs can acquire to be able to adapt to family, social and work life.

3) Be a center for research and transmission of new contributions to Special Education for the scientific community.

4) Create the necessary mechanisms for inter-institutional coordination, achievement of mutual enrichment and better services for the Guatemalan special needs population.